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Prevention is better than cure


Why we should pay special attention on brushing our teeth?

prolipsi2 Care of oral hygiene constitutes the most important mean for the health of oral cavity and prevention of tooth decay and gum diseases. Plus it is an important mean to improve teeth aesthetic and prevention of bad breath.


Frequency of brushing

We should brush our teeth two to three times a day. We should pay attention to morning brushing but mainly to nightly brushing. Plus it would be very effective the usage of dental floss at least once a day.


Why is the frequent visit to the dentist’s necessary?

ultrasonicThe area of the oral cavity is part of our organism. It is beyond doubt that problems of the oral cavity are closely connected in either direct or indirect way to our overall health.
The totals of pathogenic circumstances one can detect at tissues of the mouth are up to 120! Part of them are diseases of tissues inside oral cavity and teeth, while a great number among them is due to general health problems which arise in oral cavity. It is a fact that a significant percentage of diseases like diabetes mellitus, autoimmune disorders and hormone malfunctions can appear in mouth. Furthermore it is proved that every spot of infection in oral cavity can cause general health problems. For this reason dentist should pay special attention to such indications.

Teeth check-up should take place at least once a year along with teeth cleaning. Teeth cleaning is a procedure during which plaque and bacterial are removed from teeth. In this way we can prevent gum disease and periodontitis, diseases which can create a certain amount of problems like gum inflammation, bad breath, mobility of the teeth and more severe ones like heart and vessels problems, arthritis and much more.
Besides it is common sense that the sooner we detect a disease the better, quicker and in a more economic way we can cure it. So it is wiser and more efficient to visit our dentist in order to prevent problems than cure them.


Why should children visit the dentist on a regular basis?


There are two different methods of equal importance in order to prevent children’s tooth decay.
First one is fluoridation:
During this procedure dentist applies fluorine on teeth in order to become stronger. Fluoridation is applied when first new (permanent) teeth come up at about the age of six years old and every six months.
Second one is the sealant of holes and cracks of the back teeth where tooth decay appears in greater percentages.