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What can our dentists do concerning your smile

ti mporei na kanei 1“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword” Charles Reade once said, at a time when a beautiful smile was more a matter of luck. What about when someone is not that lucky? We believe that there is nothing as attractive as a beautiful smile and we are able to give it to you.There are lots and different kind of treatments which can give you the smile you are looking for, depending on the problem you have, the result you desire and the money you can afford. 


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The more simple and popular treatment is teeth whitening. It is an easy, quick, inexpensive and safe treatment predicated on the fact that it will take place under the authority of your dentist.


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Whether you just want brightness on a naturally beautiful smile or you desire impressive white teeth, then the result you choose is going to rejuvenate your smile and your confidence.In cases where you have ugly fillings on your front teeth, you want to change their shape or you have gaps between your front teeth, for a more beautiful and natural effect the best treatment is porcelain veneers or composite resin veneers. It is about flakes of porcelain or composite resin which are permanently set on your front teeth in order to give you a better look.

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If a more serious problem exists, meaning lack of teeth or great malformations at teeth or occlusion, then the ideal solution for you are porcelain crowns, dental bridges or implants.

Whichever may your problem be we have the ideal solution. Having a dreamy smile may be easier than you can imagine. Just ask our dentists and discuss on what fits you.